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Azure DevOps. Jira. M-Teams. Zoom. Slack. Sharepoint. Outlook, Google slide. Word. Excel. Dropbox. - mobile app & website

  • SITUATION: Website with zero conversion and app that her value wasn't clear.

  • TASK: To crafted a new site from scratch following users needs and business goals.

  • ACTION: Add "app tour" to new users and designed a new site in 2w with Squarespace.

  • RESULTS: Monthly site visits grew from Jan 2020 to June by 234% growth + Bounce rates lowered from 72% to 49%! mobile app

  • SITUATION: Pitching to investors that didn't had Instagram, our Instagram startup.

  • TASK: Create a side project that will show the investors our skills and innovation spirit.

  • ACTION: Usine Google Api, we dev an app that make a visual search experience, in any language (including russian which was the investor mother tongue).

  • RESULTS: We've got $50K investment after a week + The app won us a place in Facebook accelerator program!

M3dical - 3D digital Kiosk for healthcare

  • SITUATION: Medical costs in US are extremely high. both for the medical process and materials (like casts)

  • TASK: To lower the costs for the medical process of broken fingers (hand/leg) and the casts production.

  • ACTION: We used HP digital kiosk to 3D scan patient fingers and Adobe 3D printer to print a bespoke casts.

  • RESULTS: Saving time & money for public hospitals and patient medical costs + we won $200 prize for this hack in Silicon Valley Angelhack!

The Safe store - fb chatbot for retailers

  • SITUATION: Covid-19 era shut down offline store that are now unsafe to shop.

  • TASK: How we can take facebook Messenger tool to solve this problem?

  • ACTION: We took the Cartier Dataset and added it to Fb platform and dev a chatbot that helps consumers as a "safe shopping assistant" on the user's device.

  • RESULTS: Few retailers are interested on testing this hack!

London police wearable - fight Knife crimes

  • SITUATION: London knife crimes are all around.

  • TASK: How tech can help the police to get more data and get to the scene earlier.

  • ACTION: We dev an app that detect if the user is suddenly run in extreme pace (not jogging) - and alert the police that People running away (from knife pointing, mostly).

  • RESULTS: We managed to trace ordinary run versus panic run on the app and send a location to the police in real time.

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